Impact of English in my future life

English has had a big influence on the world throughout past centuries and continues to this day. It always surrenders us, even when we are not aware of it. This has happened thanks to how important native English speaking countries are in our society. One way we can notice they have an impact on the rest of the world might be music, television or even the clothes we wear. Knowing this we must have a dominance of English, since this is necessary if we want to succeed in life.  

Communication has been a primary rule for humans since the very beginning, because it is how we express ourselves. If a person has the ability of speaking fluently more than one dialect, this would have more positive outcomes than he initially thought. Knowing this, expressing in both English and Spanish, I will be able to establish more relationships, also getting to know new people that I would not have the capacity to do if I did not speak these two different languages, Gaining information about a new culture due to these new friendships being another fact to contemplate. 

Besides, being able to converse in more than a language, it would bring me opportunities in the future, such as moving to a different country. These types of experiences are rarely offered to people who do not speak English, since this is the key to most of the doors, because is one of the most spoken tongues.

In an employment sphere, big conveniences are given to masses that at least are bilingual, offering better salaries and jobs to this population. They are more hired than citizens who do not speak English, even if they have the same level of education because this language is related to effectiveness.

Finally, I can conclude that speaking English or any more languages is a proper tool and an advantage attached to intelligence, development, and prosperity in any field. 

By Daniela Hernández, Seniors 2020

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